Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday April 8th at 1.30 pm at the usual venue.

For this meeting we have been asked to bring any unwanted, knitting related items for sale or exchange. I expect there will be an interesting range of knitting patterns, magazines, yarn and gadgets to look at.


The March Meeting

This month we learnt about a couple of knitted edges that imitate crochet. For those of us who can't crochet it is sometimes dificult to get the edge trim we want. Elaine showed us two finishes that can be used instead of crochet. The first imitated crab stich which is a finish that makes a row of tiny bobbles. The second looked like a row of treble crochet and was a little wider than the first method. Either of these edges could be very useful for giving the finishing touches to a neckline or collar.


March Show and Tell

There were not many garments to see at this month's show and tell. However Norma and Elaine had both been busy.

Elaine is preparing a new book. This one will be about baby garments knitted with the ribber and these two jackets will be included. The white jacket with a collar is done with a full needle rib with hand tooled lace.
The yellow jacket below is made using a punch card double bed tuck pattern.

This top made by Norma shows sewing and knitting skills. The body is made from fabric and then the sleeves, welt and collar are knitted all to her own design. The trim at the front neck shown in the close-up is made from a cord made on a "lucet" ( I hope that is the right spelling.) It is a very old gadget reputedly used by the Vikings to make a 4 sided cord a bit like french knitting. Norma has wound it to make a flower to match the material.

Norma has also made this lightweight slip stitch top with a single strand of crepe yarn. The contrasting neck and sleeves are added with a strip of diagonal knitting. The decorative bands and knot was sewn on by hand afterwards as were the tiny matching beads.

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