Friday, October 16, 2009


Next Meeting

Our next meeting is to be held on 11th November at the Community Centre. All Welcome.


A decorative way to join knittng.

This month we saw a decorative way to join two. pieces of knitting. First work one row of double crochet along each edge. If possible work the same number of stitches along each side. If the edges are very smooth as in stocking stitch then the dc may not be necessary.

To join the pieces attach the yarn to the first dc on one side. Work 3 chain then work a dc into the 2nd dc on the other side. 3 chain. On the first side, miss 2 dc and work 1 dc into the next dc. Continue in this way working 3 ch and dc into opposite sides each time.

This can be uses to join sections of shawls, raglan seams, to attach a vertical panel on the front of a sweater or even to attach a neck band. A closer seam would be made by only working 2 or even 1 chain between. There are numerous variations possible.


Show and Tell 1

Last month we looked at coloured slip stitch patterns. This waist coat front is knitted in three coloured slip stitch and the back made with silk. The purl side of the pattern is used so that the effect is of a woven fabric. The fronts were knitted as a piece of fabric and then cut out. The bindings are knitted and added afterwards enclosing any cut edges.

Another view of the waistcoat showing the knit side of the pattern which is used as the
These are sample of slip stitch done as practice after last month's meeting. This sample was done by Janice. It is all the same pattern but the different uses of colour completely alter the look. This is a deeply textured stitch and would be suitable for a blanket or a thick winter jacket.

This sampler was done by Janet and shows more of the versitility of coloured slip stitch.


Show and Tell 2

This scarf was knitted by Brenda. It was her first piece of lacework. The yarn is a silky type crepe and has been steamed hard to "kill" the yarn so that it lies flat.

A close-up of the scarf showing details of the pattern and the fringe.

This cute little cat was made by Janet. It is only about 5 inches tall and ideal for using up odds and ends.

This sweater was made by Elaine. It has 3/4 length sleeves and the belt is optional. It was made with a fine 2 ply yarn in a full rib tuck stitch.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Show and Tell 3

Some of the junior schools are doing the 2nd World War as a topic this term. My grandson had to dress as an evacuee for a special day at school. This pullover was adapted from an original 1940's pattern. The body was all done on the machine but the ribs were knitted by hand to give it a more authentic look.

The knee length socks were also authentic. These were knitted on a 1933 sock machine which was used all through the war to knit socks for soldiers. The measurements came from an old knitting book. I had nearly as much fun making these as he had doing his 1940's school day.

This is the machine used to make the socks. The yarn was 2 strands of 2/30s acrylic so was not at all authentic!


Show and Tell 4

This girl's pleated skirt was knitted by Janice on a double bed with a fine yarn so that the pleats form automatically. It looks very cute and right back in fashion.
This plain stocking stitch top was knitted in black so was difficult to photograph but is the first garment made by Hiroko for some time. She found it almost like starting again but has made a very neat job, especially of the "V" neck which can be the most difficult shape to get right.

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