Monday, May 18, 2009


June Meeting

The June meeting will be held on the second Wednesday of the month as usual which is June 10th at 1.30. We always welcome new members so if you would like to come along, please do.


The May Meeting

We spend most of our time in discussing things such as members work and problems (knitting related, of course) and planning future events and activities. We help the Guild of Machine Knitters at some of the shows and need to plan our displays which also takes up quite a lot of time.
We have already produced one book of knitting patterns for sale to help club funds and are planning another.

After all our talk Elaine showed how to make this very attractive edging which was much easier than it looked. From a distance it looked as though the garment had a crocheted edge.

This is a sample of the inished edge.
Below is a sample of the edging before it is picked up to make a hem.


Show and Tell

This is one of a number of scarfs one of our members has made. It was done on a Silverknit machine using the lace carriage. She told us that knitting was the easiest part and that pressing out took considerably longer. As you can see - she did a super job and the finished scarf looks very professional. This is a close up of the above scarf to show the stitch which is a variation of a published stitch.

This is another of the scarfs using a different stitch. This one gives a scalloped edge to the side.

The close up view of the mauve scarf.

This is not a very good picture of a very attractive sweater made this month. It is worked with a thick and thin yarn in 1x1 fairisle for each colour and is a good way of using double knitting yarn on a standard machine.
There is an interesting finish to the neckline and lower edges. The finishing touch is the hand embroidered motifs on the shoulder.

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