Thursday, January 18, 2007


New Venue and Time

Our next meeting is on Wednesday February 7th from 1.30 pm. This is the first Wednesday in the month and will be the regular time until further notice. There is also a change of venue. It is still in Montague Road but just past the police station on that side of the road. See new address above. Hopefully everyone will be able to come on the new day.



I must appoligise for the late publication of the December blog but somehow Christmas got in the way. The order of the show and tell is not what I intended because I am still not used to the idea that the first to be read is the last to be put on. Instead they are in the order in which the photos were taken. Must try harder next time!

There was no meeting in January. Instead we had a very pleasant lunch together at Merits Restaurant which is one attached to a catering college. High quality food for a very reasonable price and the students get an opportunity to learn what it is really like in the catering industry. All those who could make it had a very enjoyable time.


Show and Tell 6

We have an ongoing project using felted material. This example is of mohair made by Margaret and Brenda. They knitted a sample and then felted it and made it into this attractive bag decorated with a bought motif.


Show and Tell 4

These sock are hand knitted as an experiment and were never intended to be worn! One was knitted on a large circular needle usng a technique of pulling loops in the needle to cope with a small number of stitches. The other was made in the traditional way on 4 needles. The pattern is supposed to be a "magic pattern" that only shows in certain directions. You can't see the hearts in the photo but they do show in certain directions. Personally I (and I made them) think they are dreadful - not just the colour which is my fault but the texture would be uncomfortable to wear and the pattern of hearts was sideways which would look very odd especially as it goes the same way on both socks.


December Show and Tell 3

Elane made this scarf to demonstrate the mock hairpin lace effect. It is made in narrow strips which are then linked together using a latch hook. It is very suitable for scarves, shawls, stoles on inset as a panel in a garment.


December Show and Tell 2

Pink was the colour this month. Ann and Pauline both made lovely pink sweaters with interesting neck details.


December Show and Tell 1

Janice made this colourful hat and scarf set using varigated yarn. She used short rows to give a coloured diagonal effect. This is one of the techniques we were shown at an earlier meeting. It is finished off with an attractive lace edge.

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