Monday, June 14, 2010


July Meeting

The next meeting will be on July 14th - the second Wednesday of the month as usual. We start at 1.30 and are delighted to see new members.


Show and Tell

Margaret and Brenda have been as busy as usual. The scarf, knitted by machine is a delicate lace pattern. It has been steam pressed to "kill" the yarn. This shows off the pattern, stops the curling and softens it so that the resulting scarf is a pleasure to wear.
This is a hand knitted cardigan in a cable pattern. The bottom edge is an unusual stitch which makes the garment a very feminine cardigan that any girl would be delighted to own.

Norma made this summery cardigan with an unusual yarn she bought at one of the shows. It is very heavy but had a lovely feel to it. It is knitted using a garter carriage. The close-up shows the edging and flowers worked in a different yarn. The lovely buttons in the centre of each flower just add a classy finishing touch. They are very decorative and Norma says that this is not the first garment that they had been used on.

This sample done by Elaine shows in detail the edging that Ann has used on her cardigan. During the meeting we were shown how to do this edging and some other versions.
Ann made this lovely cardigan. It is knitted in plain stocking stitch with a very attractive edging. She has embroidered the leaves in autumn colours to make it really special.

The leaves in close-up. They are swiss darned using 2 strands of different coloured embroidery silk to give a realistic effect.


Hand Knitted Shawl

This is my work so all the details are correct. The shawl is approximately 4 feet square and weighs 4 and 5/8 oz (130 g). It is made with pure shetland lace weight wool 1 ply. It took about 6 months to complete but that was just working in the evenings when the television was on. The final round before the edge had 1176 stitches and the border had twice that many rows!

A close up showing the border. It needs another stretching to show it off properly.

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