Thursday, February 12, 2009


March Meeting

The March meeting will be held on 11th March at the usual venue.



There have been no comments on any of the post over the last 9 months. This is very discouraging because it is impossible to tell whether anyone ever actually looks at the blog. It is not necessary to be a signed up member to leave a comment and if the anonymous box is ticked your name does not appear. However the administator is informed of all messages before they are published and any offensive ones would be deleted at once.

So if anyone wants to admire a garment, know what yarn was used or where the pattern came from, or even say "I have looked at this site" - we would like to hear your comments.


February Meeting

This month we looked at colours and using a colour wheel to help choose which colours to put together for Fair Isle. We each brought in various samples from out yarns and looked at suitable colour combinations. The general consensus was that a colour wheel might be a help but you still need to try out patterns because the proportion of each shade is almost as important as the colour. This was graphically demonstrated by the numerous experimental samples she brought to the meeting.
There are several web sites that have information on the colour wheel includint interactive ones where you can try out different colour ways. If you enter Colour Wheel into a search engine you should come up with several but here are two to start with.


February Show and Tell 1

Despite the weather keeping most of us at home very little knitting was done this month. The only garment was this attractive sweater made by Sandra with a very interesting neckline.
This is a close up of the neckline showing the very effective detail.


February Show and Tell 2

Although this is not knitting it is made with yarn so I am including a photo in the show and tell. This is the top story of a dolls house for Barbie type dolls that I made for my granddaughter. She already has the ground floor. It is made from plastic canvas embroidered with aran weight yarn. It took a long time and at the moment I never want to see another piece of plastic canvas!!! It is surprizingly sturdy and washable and she spends ages playing with it together with her friends.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Club meeting in February 11, 2009

We are planning to work on choosing the right colours when we knit Fair Isle. We will bringing in colour wheels and samples of the yarns we have in our 'stash.' We will posting the results of efforts.


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