Monday, July 09, 2007


The Sherborne Cup

For the last few meetings we have been working on a joint project as an entry for the Sherborne Cup. We decided to use felted wool to make a stained glass window effect. It took a long time to find a suitable design but Janice fount a wonderful sea scape with galleon which we used as our inspiration.

Firstly we made a full sized pattern showing all the shapes. Everyone knitted and felted pieces in suitable colours and brought them to the meeting. We cut out the shapes and temporarily placed them on a background fabric to look at the effect and arrange the colours. Elaine took it home the first time and sewed some of the pieces in place. The next meeting we completed the scenery. Janice and Norma took it home and worked together placing the ship and adding the cord. Margaret and Brenda had made the felt for the frame which just finished it off.

The final result exceeded all our expectations and we were delighted when we were told that we had won the cup again.

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