Thursday, February 12, 2009



There have been no comments on any of the post over the last 9 months. This is very discouraging because it is impossible to tell whether anyone ever actually looks at the blog. It is not necessary to be a signed up member to leave a comment and if the anonymous box is ticked your name does not appear. However the administator is informed of all messages before they are published and any offensive ones would be deleted at once.

So if anyone wants to admire a garment, know what yarn was used or where the pattern came from, or even say "I have looked at this site" - we would like to hear your comments.

I often look at MMK's blog and get lots of ideas from it. I like the idea of using a colour wheel to help choose colours. (I haven't done this since doing City & Guilds (many years ago) so thanks for the reminder!

I'm sure lots of people read and enjoy the blog but like me, they don't think to leave comments! Keep up the good work. It ia appreciated. Sue
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