Monday, May 18, 2009


Show and Tell

This is one of a number of scarfs one of our members has made. It was done on a Silverknit machine using the lace carriage. She told us that knitting was the easiest part and that pressing out took considerably longer. As you can see - she did a super job and the finished scarf looks very professional. This is a close up of the above scarf to show the stitch which is a variation of a published stitch.

This is another of the scarfs using a different stitch. This one gives a scalloped edge to the side.

The close up view of the mauve scarf.

This is not a very good picture of a very attractive sweater made this month. It is worked with a thick and thin yarn in 1x1 fairisle for each colour and is a good way of using double knitting yarn on a standard machine.
There is an interesting finish to the neckline and lower edges. The finishing touch is the hand embroidered motifs on the shoulder.

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