Wednesday, August 26, 2009


August Show and Tell

Unfortunately I arrived late at the August meeting and forgot to take notes so I may not attribute the right garment to the right knitter. I believe that the blue jacket was made by Janice, the red one by Norma and the green one by Ann but I may be confused. My appologies if I am.

This plain jacket in navy (one picture too light and the other too dark) has been lifted by weaving in a coloured ribbon yarn round the neck and down the fronts. The button is a hand made "Dorset Button" using both the yarns from the jackets

The photo of this jumper does not do it justice! It looks lovely when worn and has a soft drap which has not come out well in the picture. The sleeves and front panel are lacy and the rest of the garment is in plain stocking stitch.

This picture of the stitch shows that it is a punch lace pattern. That is one that is knitted with 2 yarns of different thickness. The holes are formed where he fine yarn is knitted by itself - the rest is knitted with the fine and thicker yarns together. It can be most effective as this close - shows

The collar of this green sweater is an interesting shape which is very flattering. The texture pattern round the bottom and on the cuffs just adds extra interest. The second photo shows a close up of the tuck pattern on the cuff.

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