Wednesday, August 26, 2009


September Meeting

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 9th September at 1.30. New and old members all welcome. We are in an upstairs room at the community centre and would be delighted to see you.

Dear Ms Carter,
Greetings!!! I have been looking for a site concerning machine knitting for over a year now. I am interested in it for a while and is desperately seeking a machine that I can use as I'm a beginner. I have never knit (major) before but as I said would desperately like to learn how to.
However,your site and organisation appeals to me,but, I'm not living in your immediate area, but would love to visit for some advice,etc. especially on buying a machine. Would you be kind enough to allow me to visit you group for a few lessons,if possible?
I'm living in South London and I'm at the moment on a full-time course at uni. I am available on wednesdays, but may not be able to be there at every meeting.
Would it be possible to let me know the bus services nearest to you from Hammersmith area? and also the next time that your group will meet?
My name is: Mercia Roberts
" e-mail:
Thanks very much for your time,and looking forward in hearing from you.
Ps I have been to the craft show several times but never seen any there for sale.
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