Friday, October 16, 2009


A decorative way to join knittng.

This month we saw a decorative way to join two. pieces of knitting. First work one row of double crochet along each edge. If possible work the same number of stitches along each side. If the edges are very smooth as in stocking stitch then the dc may not be necessary.

To join the pieces attach the yarn to the first dc on one side. Work 3 chain then work a dc into the 2nd dc on the other side. 3 chain. On the first side, miss 2 dc and work 1 dc into the next dc. Continue in this way working 3 ch and dc into opposite sides each time.

This can be uses to join sections of shawls, raglan seams, to attach a vertical panel on the front of a sweater or even to attach a neck band. A closer seam would be made by only working 2 or even 1 chain between. There are numerous variations possible.

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