Friday, October 16, 2009


Show and Tell 1

Last month we looked at coloured slip stitch patterns. This waist coat front is knitted in three coloured slip stitch and the back made with silk. The purl side of the pattern is used so that the effect is of a woven fabric. The fronts were knitted as a piece of fabric and then cut out. The bindings are knitted and added afterwards enclosing any cut edges.

Another view of the waistcoat showing the knit side of the pattern which is used as the
These are sample of slip stitch done as practice after last month's meeting. This sample was done by Janice. It is all the same pattern but the different uses of colour completely alter the look. This is a deeply textured stitch and would be suitable for a blanket or a thick winter jacket.

This sampler was done by Janet and shows more of the versitility of coloured slip stitch.

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