Saturday, November 14, 2009


Raglan shapings

This month Elaine brought some samples of different ways of shaping raglans for us to look at and discuss. Now raglans are coming back into fashion it is very appropriate. Even an otherwise totally plain sweater can be made interesting by featuring the raglan joins in different and interesting ways. This is an interesting way of emphasising a seam in a Fair Isle pattern. The contrast strip is knitted as a cord. One side of the seam is picked up (right side facing) then the cord is added, making sure it is not twisted. The 2nd side is placed onto the same needles (right side down) and then they are all cast off together. Very simple when you know how.
This sample shows two variations of cable stitches used to decorate the raglan.

This sample shows an interesting edge stitch. It can be used on the edge or as part of a join. Although this is a straight seam it would be equally effective used with a raglan seam.

This interesting effect is made by decreasing 7 stitches away from the edge, then 6 the next time, then 5, then 4 etc. After the decrease 2 stitchew from the edge the whole process starts again. It is very effective but only works where the decreases are an even 2 rows apart for the whole raglan.

This design is made using twists rather than cables and although this is a sample pattern it can just as easily be used along a raglan insead of small cables. Two stitches are taken onto a transfer hook then twisted round and returned to the machine the other way round. It is easier to return them using a second transfer tool. The only difficulty is remembering which way round they were twisted.

This is another sample where a fancy stitch that is usually used as an edging is put between two sections to make a decorative seam.

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