Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Missing Months

I am sorry that this blog has not been brought up-to-date for a while. I hve not been able to attend any of the meetings this year until the April meeting so the blog has been neglected. While I have been away there has been lots of activity but no photographic record to put up on the blog. Anyway I was able to be there this month so there are a few photos to show.

I would like to send a FREE Norwegian Sweater Book to your Club. Please send your name and email address and I'll send pictures. This is my first book in many years so have lost track of most book Distributors I had at one time. I've been sending out a few notices for FREE books. Way back 19 years ago when I was an unknown, giving a free book is how I started selling my books.
Warm Regards! Phyllis Waterhouse
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