Friday, May 14, 2010


Planning a display

Something old,
Something new
Everything borrowed
And nothing blue

This is our theme for the display we are planning for the Guild AGM. All the items are going to be pinks or purples so the members have been knitting or looking through their older garments to find things with the right colours. These are some of the items that might be used.

This sweater knitted by Pauline has and interesting lace edge. She works on a Singer machine which does not have a lace carriage so all the pattern is done by transferring stitches by had. For a border it does not take too long and is very effective.

Another short sleeved jumper. Just the thing for this cool spring. The neckline and cuff are in a pattern and make this a special individual item.
We don't just machine knit. These are two baby cardigans, one machine and one hand knitted. The photos really do not do them justine

This is an outfit made from a slub yarn and chenille. The close-up shows details from the jacket. There is no photo of the jacket because my picture of it was so awful. The skirt and top shown below made a very effective outfit.

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